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Cabinetry Hardware Trends

October 2020

2020 has given most consumers a little extra time to research and find items and styles they really love. Hardware is a fun one but also challenging because the variety is greater than any other material or product we work with. You can easily get lost when searching for the perfect pieces to compliment your new cabinetry.

We’re going to take a look at the top 5 trends in cabinet hardware for 2020.

5. Oversized Pulls

(Top Knobs Ellis Collection)

Hardware is occasionally referred to as the jewelry for your cabinetry. Choosing stylish oversized hardware is not only a bold and beautiful choice, but it also is very functional. As our hands age, having something larger to grab and pull is much more comfortable than a petite handle.

4. Industrial Modern

(Top Knobs Channing Pull)

There is a definite surge of hardware pieces with exposed screw heads and fun latches but paired with clean, fresh and modern lines. We’re loving what the hardware designers are coming up with and we can’t wait for this trend to expand. It’s an interesting and unique balance that we believe will be around for a long time.

3. Brass

(Amerock Bar Pull)

In the early 1900s brass was likely your only option unless you were incredibly wealthy. It was easy to come by and easy to work with as well as affordable. Americans got burnt out on brass and it was undesirable for many decades. Now, with modern technology that allows manufacturers to consistently mix alloys we’ve seen bass make an incredible comeback, but it’s not your grandmother’s brass. The brass finishes today are not so “brassy”. They are soft and subtle. With color names like champaign and radiant and soft gold, you get a sense for how lovely the new brass is.

2. Matte Black

(Top Knobs Telfair knob)

Quite possibly our favorites on the top 5 list is Matte Black. Following faucet trends, the hardware industry has erupted with pull and knob styles that are available in this beautiful, supple finish. Matte Black can be used in every style from contemporary to rustic. Think clean and sharp to hand forged and edgy. An unexpected benefit to this finish is it usually (depending on your cabinet color) provides a higher contrast to your cabinet finish. What does that matter? Great question… As our eyes age, they take in less light. Using high contrast colors will make things easier to see.

1. Crystal & Glass

(Amerock Glacio Pull)

There is something special about the feeling of a vintage crystal doorknob in your hand. The essence of that feeling is why we are so happy to see glass and crystal surfacing once again in our industry. Traditional glass knobs are certainly a beautiful choice to add a little bling to a powder bath cabinet or a hint of glam to your master bathroom, however we also enjoy seeing this finish show up in a modernized way, like this clean bar pull.


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